Our Ohio Drug Treatment Facility

The best way to beat addiction is to be placed in the most comfortable setting possible, and surrounded by professionals who care about your success. Our Ohio drug treatment center is the perfect place for you to get help. This is the model we used when we put our state-of-the-art facility on a private golf course in a secluded place just outside of Cincinnati, Ohio. The detox process can be stressful and the first stages of recovery are filled with potential relapse opportunities. With our facilities, we remove that stress and those relapse opportunities to give you a stronger chance for success.

Our Facility

We are proud of our clean and spacious state-of-the-art drug treatment center located in a very remote and quiet area just outside Cincinnati, Ohio. When it comes to places to put an addiction treatment center, we believe that we hit the jackpot. The environment surrounding our facility is serene and peaceful, and we believe that helps to create a nurturing and comfortable environment inside our facility.

Our Drug Treatment Center

Detox is a rough road, but knowing that you have the chance to relax in an area that truly is quiet and accommodating can make detox a little easier. We have put the hustle and bustle of city life behind you, and placed you in an area that most people would consider to be paradise.

Our Ohio drug treatment facility itself has plenty of room for you to spend time with your thoughts, gather with the new friends you have made, or just relax. We keep our facility spotless, and we offer a wide variety of gourmet-style meals. We have pathways and patios outside for your comfort, and every patient room has plenty of space to spread out.

Our Staff

We are extremely proud of our professional and caring staff of experts. Every member of our staff, from maintenance workers to our doctors, are dedicated to creating an nurturing environment for all of our patients. When a patient has a question, we work hard to get the right answer. When a loved one calls us with a concern, we will do everything we can to get that loved one the right information.

Your contact with our staff usually begins with our experienced addiction specialists who answer our phones and respond to forms submitted through our website. At every step of the way, our staff does everything it can to deliver accurate information and caring treatment. Our Ohio drug treatment center specialists take the time to really get to know you and become as familiar with your issues as possible. We take the time to craft a personalized treatment program that is designed to help you achieve your treatment goals.

We also have a Relapse Prevention Program that is designed to give you the resources and tools you need to make it through the initial stages of your recovery when you are most vulnerable to relapse. Our staff leaves no stone unturned when it comes to offering the best possible treatment to our patients, and the best service to their loved ones.

Our Promise

We promise to create a quiet and caring environment at our Ohio drug treatment center that allows you to focus on your recovery and leave all of your other problems behind. We promise to work closely with you and your loved ones to develop a personalized treatment plan that will allow you to achieve your recovery goals. We promise to keep you updated on every change in your medical status and update you regularly on your treatment status. You will always know where you stand with our professional staff.

We promise to be with you for as long as you need us to be. We have a comprehensive network of alumni who host local events for people who have gone through our program and want that ongoing support. We do gatherings at our facility for alumni, and we are always only a phone call away. We also promise to keep your primary care physician updated on your status so that you can discuss any issues you may have with them when you get home.

We have created our facility with our patients in mind, and our staff does everything it can to make sure that you are successful in your treatment process. Whether you are with us for a short time or you decide to become part of our family for the rest of your life, we want you to know that our caring staff and peaceful facility are always open to your needs.

Call 855-598-3048 for more information about drug or alcohol abuse and addiction.