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EMDR Therapy

What Happens In EMDR Therapy? Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) is a type of psychotherapy treatment that was originally designed to relieve distress associated with traumatic memories. It enables people to heal from the symptoms and emotional...

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The Synthetic Marijuana Epidemic

Widely known as Synthetic Marijuana or K2 or Spice, it is an illegal and dangerous drug responsible for hundreds of overdoses and even in some cases death by unsuspecting teenagers and the homeless trying to find a cheap high for as little as $5 a bag. As reported by...

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Benzo Detox

Benzo Addiction Detox Anxiety and stress are often hard to manage. For most people, handling stress is akin to overcoming any life challenge, but for others, standard coping techniques aren’t enough. When everyday stressors become too much to bear, medical...

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What Is Vicodin?

What Is a Vicodin High? An oral painkiller best used for treating mild to moderate pain, Vicodin is among the most popular prescription painkillers in the United States. Often provided after minor surgeries like wisdom tooth extraction, Vicodin is extremely effective...

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Demerol Detox

Demerol High Detox At some point in time, almost everyone will require surgery or a hospital stay. Whether wisdom teeth are causing problems, you broke your arm, or you are facing an appendectomy for appendicitis, overcoming pain is a part of life. During time spent...

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Darvocet Detox

Darvocet High Detox Despite the utility in alleviating pain from surgical procedures and injuries, the use of narcotic pain relievers in the United States can be quite problematic. Due to the highly addictive nature of opiates, addiction to these substances is on the...

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What Is Oxycontin?

What Is Oxycontin Addiction? According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA), prescription opioids are the most commonly abused (used for a non-medical purpose) prescription medication by a fairly large margin. One of the leading offenders in this category of...

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Pain Pill Detox

Pain Pill Addiction Detox When it comes to accepting common stereotypes surrounding heroin addiction, we probably get much of it wrong. For instance, the homeless hobos living on skid row probably comes to mind, but a suburban soccer mom who injured herself while...

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Opiate Detox

Opiate Addiction Detox In an address to a congressional committee in 2014, Dr. Nova Volkow presented findings on behalf of the National Institute on Drug Abuse regarding what she called the “serious global problem” of opioid addiction and related substance abuse...

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What is Suboxone?

What is Suboxone Addiction? Suboxone is a prescription medication which is a combination of buprenorphine and naloxone. It is used to treat opioid addiction, in particular addictions to heroin and narcotic painkillers. Opioid addiction is an unpleasant condition...

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