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Millions of people every year struggle with substance abuse disorders or addictions, but only a small percent of people end up getting treatment for these issues. According to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, in a year when more than 23 million people in the United States faced struggles with drug use, only 11.2 percent or about 2.6 million received treatment.[1]

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Don’t Be Afraid to Seek Admission to a Drug Rehab Facility

You might be afraid or hesitant to seek treatment for a number of reasons. Some people wonder if they really need inpatient treatment to deal with a drug addiction. If you’re struggling to stop using drugs or making risky decisions to hide drug use or get more drugs, then the answer is usually yes.

Some individuals avoid seeking treatment because they’re afraid it will reveal their drug use to friends, family or coworkers. In reality, if you’re abusing or addicted to drugs, people may already know something is up. Even if they don’t yet, extended substance abuse will likely lead to problems at work and in relationships.

Another reason individuals avoid treatment is that they’re worried about the cost of inpatient drug detox and treatment. Don’t let worries about cost derail you from seeking treatment for drug addiction or substance abuse disorder. At Lumiere Healing Centers, we accept many insurances and you might find that most or all of your treatment is covered.

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Don’t let drugs or alcohol rule your life. We know that taking the first step toward treatment can be frightening, but we want you to know that our admissions counselors are caring and compassionate. They’re ready to talk to you and walk you through all your options for treatment and the process of applying for admission to an inpatient or partial hospitalization program for treatment.

We know everyone is unique and has different needs, which is why we offer several ways for you to contact an admissions counselor. You can call right now at 855-598-3048 to speak with top-trained counselors. We treat every call confidentially.

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