How Narcan Reverses Heroin Overdoses

Narcan Reverses Overdoses

How Narcan Reverses Heroin Overdoses

Narcan is one of the most important tools available to emergency medical care providers and even police officers today. It is also one of the most expensive and taxing types of drugs available in the fight against addiction. Narcan remains a very important part of saving lives, but it is not the cure to this epidemic. When our patients come in to see us at Lumiere Healing Centers, our goal is very specific to help them recover from their addiction to heroin.

If your loved one is suffering an overdose right now, call 911 immediately. …
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The Lumiere Difference

Lumiere Addiction Center
Lumiere Healing Centers property

The Lumiere Difference

What makes our facility different than the rest? We are a full-service addiction treatment facility that focuses on positive outcomes for our patients. Everything about our organization from our staff to our location is designed to deliver the highest quality care. Every member of our staff is focused on the health and recovery of our patients, and we train our staff to know how to create a nurturing environment for everyone who comes to us for help.

Superior Patient Care

Our facility is located in a secluded and peaceful spot on a private …
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Expanded Access to Care

Lumiere Moves to Expand Access to Care for Clients Struggling With Drug, Alcohol Addiction

Lumiere Healing Centers is making strides in its attempt to provide affordable, wide access to treatment by contracting with Anthem, Medical Mutual, Multiplan and POMCO Group.

Friends and Colleagues:

The team at Lumiere Healing Centers have taken a dual focus to make their priority access to care of the highest quality. The first step taken was to contract with various new insurance providers. By building contracts with some of the largest insurance providers and behavioral health liaisons in the area, including Anthem, Medical Mutual, MultiPlan …
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Heroin: The History and Today

Heroin - The History and Today

The news headlines are filled with stories about the opioid epidemic and how it is destroying lives all over the country. Some people try to dismiss the problem as media hype, but it is impossible to ignore this issue when you look at the facts. While opioids are nothing new to the world, the common struggle so many people have with opioid-based medication has reached a degree that we have never seen.

What is the history behind these substances, and when did they start being used for medicinal purposes? How long has opioid addiction been a problem, and what are …
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12 Myths About the 12 Steps

12 Step programs
12 Myths About the 12 Steps

The 12-step process to recovery has received a bad reputation over the years, mostly from people who don’t understand or have never been involved with the program. Despite the broad range of millions of success stories attributed to the 12-steps, a series of myths have grown up around the program that tends to put a dark cloud over an otherwise successful program. Before you start getting involved in a 12-step program, you should become familiar with the most popular myths and know the truth about this popular recovering solution.

Myth 1: The 12-step program
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Depression and Alcoholism

Addiction and mental illness often go hand-in-hand, and the relationship between the two is never beneficial to the person suffering from them. It is estimated that 30 percent or more of the cases of addiction are also accompanied by mental health issues such as depression. This is a co-occurring condition and could signify a serious situation.

Why Depression Needs to be Treated

Depression is not just a state of mind. When you are clinically depressed, your entire body’s functions are depressed. Clinical depression can lead to chronic illnesses that not only persist, but can become fatal. Since depression lasts for …
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What Do You Do During Rehab?

What do you do while you’re in a drug rehab program?

Let’s shine some light on that.

What you do during your days in rehab will vary by the facility you enter and the type of rehab you are participating in. You could be in a residential program that will encompass your full days and nights for the length of your stay, or you could go to support groups, office visits or outpatient treatment programs that take a few hours out of your schedule each day or week.

We’ll focus on inpatient rehab treatment since that’s the type that would …
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Will I Have to Take Medication in Detox?

After your body has become accustomed to an addictive substance and you take that substance away, your body can go through a variety of withdrawal symptoms.

“Several neural and hormonal systems are affected by substance abuse, and when it ends they are thrown into confusion,” explains Sherrie Mcgregor, Ph.D., on PsychCentral.

As a result, you could experience sweating, shaking, headaches and a variety of other withdrawal symptoms. The symptoms you experience depend on the type of drug you’ve been using, how long you’ve been abusing it and other factors. You can read more about the withdrawal process …
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How Is Lumiere Different From a Referral Service?

When you search for addiction information on the internet, you become inundated with websites providing basic or introductory information and then promising to set you up with the right treatment center to fit your needs.

These are referral services, and despite offering some wording that may seem understanding, they don’t always have your best interests at heart. At Lumiere Healing Centers, we are not a referral service. We are a fully licensed medical facilitythat cares about helping you or your loved one get better.

Are Referral Services So Bad?

Some referral services are trustworthy. For instance, you have SAMHSA’s
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Do I Need Detox or Rehab for Soft Drugs?

Does the thought cross your mind that detox and rehab programs are only for serious street drugs?

Things like coke and heroin, not for what people tend to consider “soft drugs” like alcohol, pills or marijuana. You wouldn’t be alone in thinking this way. After all, alcohol is legal, pills are prescribed by doctors and many people don’t take marijuana seriously as an addictive substance.

Is this kind of thought process keeping you out of treatment? Maybe you don’t think your addiction to “soft drugs” is enough to warrant going to a detox or rehab program. This idea that …
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