Alcohol Treatment

Alcohol addiction can feel overwhelming. The idea of withdrawal symptoms can sometimes be frightening enough to make you put off quitting, and guilt over your alcohol use might make it hard to admit you need help. The longer you spend addicted to alcohol, the worse things can become. Alcoholics often experience job loss and irreparable ruptures in relationships with family and friends. Financial problems fueled by your addiction and legal problems related to alcohol use are also possible if you don’t stop drinking. Heavy alcohol use also damages your health and may cause permanent changes to your heart, liver, pancreas and brain. Risky behavior can put your life or the lives of others at risk, and alcohol overdoses can be fatal.

Fortunately, alcohol treatment at Lumiere Healing Center offers you a chance at a new beginning. Knowing that many other are going through the same thing can help you realize that you aren’t alone, making it easier to reach out for assistance in overcoming your addiction. Approximately 17 million adult Americans met the criteria for an alcohol use disorder in 2012, according to the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism, and most alcoholics can overcome their addiction with treatment at a specialized facility.

Lumiere Healing Center for Alcohol Treatment

When you’re ready to move into a brighter alcohol-free future, our fully licensed and accredited inpatient alcohol treatment facility helps you free yourself from the grip of alcohol safely and effectively. We focus on keeping you motivated and teaching you techniques for achieving long-term sobriety, and our facility is designed to give you the supportive environment you need throughout the entire alcohol treatment process.

Some of the specific services provided in our alcohol treatment program include:

  • A personalized recovery plan tailored to your specific biological, social, emotional and mental needs
  • Supervised detox and withdrawal to help you comfortably and safely get through withdrawal symptoms
  • Group therapy sessions for peer support during recovery
  • Individual counseling to explore the underlying causes of your addiction
  • Cognitive behavioral therapy sessions with a trained counselor to teach you how to permanently alter your addiction behaviors
  • Family therapy to develop your at-home support system and fix damaged relationships
  • Life skills group sessions to give you the necessary mental and emotional tools for future relapse prevention
  • A comfortable, peaceful environment that lets you concentrate on recovery
  • Access to professional, trained staff to assist you through every step of the rehab process
  • Social activities, including sports and art therapy, to keep your mind and body active during rehab
  • Aftercare services to ensure you have the support you need for long-term success

We accept most insurance plans, so the majority of your stay at our facility may be completely covered. The sooner you enter into a alcohol treatment program, the sooner you can start looking forward to a fulfilling, productive, alcohol-free future.

Don’t waste any more time letting alcohol addiction control your life. Call us today at 855- 598- 3049 and get started with an alcohol rehab program that really works.