Drug Rehab in Dayton, Ohio

Are you or someone you love looking for helpful drug rehab Dayton Ohio services?

Lumiere Healing Centers offers upscale and top-level treatment for addictions that we try to make accessible to everyone. Our caring and experienced staff, personalized plans, rejuvenating environment and added services put us in a league above other drug rehab in Dayton.

Lumiere Healing Centers is located within your state of Ohio, not far from Dayton in the Greater Cincinnati Area. In addition to providing treatment to residents of Dayton, we help people with drug problems from all of Ohio, the surrounding region and the rest of the country. We have a 58-bed facility that’s split between our detox and rehab services to focus on the different parts of addiction treatment. Our facility and services are designed to give you the best possible experience while you work on yourself.

At Lumiere, we provide our top-notch services in a relaxing setting surrounded by natural views. We provide trained addiction and mental health professionals, cutting-edge monitoring equipment and proven techniques, which come together to provide the highest level of addiction treatment.

At the same time, our care isn’t all about medical treatment. We also offer a personal touch that makes you feel supported as you make this significant transition in your life.

Custom Drug Rehab in Dayton

While some drug rehab in Dayton offer one or a few types of treatment, such as 12-step meetings or individual counseling, our Dayton inpatient drug rehab encompasses a variety of treatment methods. This approach allows us to treat each person in the way that works best for him or her. It allows us to use a combination approach to treat all parts of your addiction and have more effective results.

While we offer certain treatment techniques, we don’t stick to a cookie-cutter plan for each person. Instead, we tailor each plan to you. We conduct an assessment in the beginning to get a feel for your individual addiction and what you would need to recover from it. We create a personalized plan based on that assessment, but then we check back and continue to make sure your plan is always working for you. If it’s not, we make adjustments.

What to Expect at Lumiere Drug Rehab Centers

During your stay at Lumiere Healing Centers, you will experience different types of treatment carried out by our team of experts. We have a medical team of doctors and nurses, therapists and social workers, and other staff members here to help you at our drug rehab Dayton Ohio.

If you’re in our detox program, the focus of your care is on getting the drug out of your system and getting through the often difficult symptoms that come on during withdrawal. We provide observation with high-tech monitoring equipment and the watchful eye of our medical team.

We offer medication when it’s appropriate to ease dangerous or uncomfortable symptoms of withdrawal. Also, we stand apart from other Dayton drug rehab centers because we offer extra services during detox, including educational and support groups and an alumni program.

The withdrawal process can be very tough but it’s worth going through it. If you don’t, you continue on the path where overdose is possible or where addiction leads to a steady decline of your health and your life.

The withdrawal process is a time of change when you get rid of the drug and work to heal your body and mind. With our detox program at Lumiere Healing Centers, we make the process more comfortable to help you transition and ensure you stick with the commitment you’re making to a new way of living.

It’s smart for our patients to start with our detox program and then transition into our Dayton inpatient drug rehab program. Treatment is not finished once you finish detoxing a drug from your system. There are still parts of the addiction present in your life that won’t go away unless you focus on changing them.

Addiction alters the brain and body. It often deteriorates relationships, cuts off sources of income and makes life harder in a variety of ways. The rehab part of addiction is when you address all of this. You address how addiction became part of your life and what it has done to you and the life you had before.

During rehab, you work to break the hold addiction has formed on your life and to start a new path. You learn to let go of unhealthy thoughts and behaviors and to form new ones that give you a healthier, more fulfilling life.

At Lumiere, we help you with this rehab process through a variety of therapies, medication and other services. We provide individual counseling to help you work on your individual problems and solutions. We provide groups that offer education from professionals along with peer support. We also offer family therapy that helps heal the rifts within the family unit from the addiction and that guides everyone in finding a way forward.

Just as medication helps during the detox phase, it can often help people with ongoing withdrawal symptoms and make it easier to stick with sobriety during the rehab process. We only use medication when it’s appropriate and when it fits your personal preference.

Our program also includes healthy and gourmet meals that can help your body heal itself. We provide a relaxing environment with luxurious rooms, supportive staff members, an alumni program to follow up with you and a variety of other amenities and services. We want to make sure your stay is as helpful as possible and that we help you continue with your progress after you leave our facility.

Dayton Addiction Treatment Can Help Local Drug Problems

At Lumiere Healing Centers, we know that the need of quality drug rehab in Dayton is a problem. We have noticed that Ohio has been suffering with surges in drug overdoses, drug availability and trafficking, and abuse and addiction.

The June 2015 to January 2016 Surveillance of Drug Abuse Trends in the State of Ohio reportput out by the Ohio Substance Abuse Monitoring Network, or OSAM, showed recent data on the availability of specific drugs in certain areas of Ohio. In Dayton, the availability of heroin, meth and Ecstasy went up. At the same time, the levels of prescription opioids on the street, synthetic marijuana and bath salt drugs went down.

The area saw a lot of the opioid fentanyl being sold on its own in the name of heroin or added to batches of heroin, with most overdoses in the area related to this opioid. The area had a high availability of powder and crack cocaine, marijuana, Suboxone, barbiturates and benzodiazepines. People also have access to additional drugs in this area.

Dayton officials have worked over the course of time to try to control the trade and use of drugs in the area. In July 2015, local news WDTN reported that local police carried out five drug busts that were part of a large-scale drug ring. In the busts, police found guns and a variety of drugs, including prescription drugs, heroin, marijuana and cocaine. Even a drug bust in Indiana included four people from Dayton, according to a WDTN report from October 2016.

Dayton & Montgomery County Public Health put out reports in 2016 showing “the continuing epidemic and devastating consequences of illegal drug use in the county.” The reports highlight that 259 people had fatal accidental overdoses in 2015 and 264 the year before, with 1,168 total from 2010 to 2015. Heroin and fentanyl played a large role in those overdose rates, with the number of overdose deaths associated with these two drugs going up greatly from 2010 to 2015. The accidental fatal overdoses went up 104 percent from 2010 to 2015, which is a very significant pattern.

At the same time, not everyone dies from an overdose. During that time period, the county also saw a serious rise in how many people called emergency response and went to hospitals for an accidental drug overdose. The reports point out that many more people may have died without the use of the drug Narcan that can save lives from overdose. The report says that the Dayton Police Department were able to revive 95 percent of the people they gave Narcan to in 2015.

A September 2016 report by local news channel Fox45 explained that Dayton was at the top of the nation when it came to overdoses involving heroin. The news channel dubbed the area “Heroin Valley.” The report also talks about how the pattern of overdoses in the area has been changing from heroin to pure fentanyl. Plus, it noted that the problems within the Dayton area go beyond overdoses. Because of drugs and a drug culture, the area has seen increased amounts of crime, violence and vehicle crashes.

A report in Dayton Daily News says Dayton was at the top of a national ranking of “most drugged out cities in America.” The report added that this city has come to be known as a center for opioids. Also, Dayton is struggling to overcome the drug problem in the area, not for lack of trying. The report says that Dayton has a lot of factors involved in its drug problem that set it apart from other Ohio cities, namely interstate highways meeting to allow drugs to easily come in and out and large-scale losses of jobs after the recession. The report points out that the unemployment in Dayton was worse than in other parts of Ohio.

With the many drug problems in Dayton and throughout Ohio, effective drug treatment programs are needed more than ever. Treatment can help people turn away from drugs to have a healthier and fuller life. There are also more widespread benefits of addiction treatment, as more people becoming clean means less demand for the drug trade and fewer of the problems that come with drug use and addiction, including overdoses.

Get in Touch to Start Quality Drug Rehab in Dayton

When you or your loved one is ready to get help for an addiction, we’re ready for you at Lumiere Healing Centers in West Chester, Ohio. We can help you get help as soon as you need it. We’ll find you a place in our detox or inpatient program and get you on the road to recovery right away.

If you still have questions about a quality drug rehab in Dayton or about our program in particular, our staff is just a phone call away to answer them for you. You can call with no obligation to enter treatment. If you decide our program isn’t right for you, that’s no problem and we can even guide you in the right direction to fit your needs.

Our staff is happy to help you figure out ways to manage treatment around employment, pay for treatment and take care of other practical matters. We accept most major health insurance plans.

We’re happy to answer questions for family members as well if you want to know more about how our program could help your loved one, whether your loved one needs help and how to get your loved one into a treatment program. Also, feel free to look at the informational and helpful resources on our website to guide you in understanding addiction and how to help.

Our experienced, supportive and caring staff is always ready to help with questions or get you started with our detox or rehab program. Please contact us to learn more about our drug rehab Dayton Ohio services.






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