West Chester, Ohio

Lumiere Healing Centers is a quality drug and alcohol addiction treatment facility that offers a full continuum of care. Lumiere accepts most major insurance plans for our detox and treatment services. We do not accept Medicaid or Medicare.



Professional Care for Overall Recovery

Lumieres highly skilled staff of professionals are dedicated to care with without compromise, they provide a nurturing and encouraging environment that is safe, healing and conducive to recovery. We take pride in treating every patient with dignity and respect because each person has had personal challenges that lead them to us. Our philosophy is that addiction is a biopsychosocial and spiritual disease that can create challenges in ones thinking, behaviors, and personal choices. Within our structured environment we are able to assist the patient with significant lifestyle changes necessary for overall recovery.

Individual CounselingGroup CounselingRelapse PreventionEducational Group/LectureFamily Group and VisitationSocial ActivitiesAftercare Program

Individual Counseling

Our experienced and licensed counselors work one on one with patients in order to explore, discuss and address issues related to their substance abuse. Additionally, our counseling team will explore current and past stressors that may have led to one's addiction. The goal of individual therapy is to guide the patient in a safe environment where he/she can learn new skills of living and address feelings without self-destructive behaviors. Our professional clinical team provides collaboration on the development of the client's personal treatment plan. We believe in meeting the patient where he/she is by accepting resistance while modeling compassion and integrity.

Group Counseling

Group therapy is one of the most effective components of treatment because the group process assists patients in gaining trust in a setting with likeminded individuals. Together the group explores challenging issues associated with addiction and with daily living. The group setting provides a safe and supportive environment for members to take risks by extending their repertoire of interpersonal behavior and improving their social skills. One way in which group members can develop social skills is through a modeling process, observing and imitating the therapist and other group members. For example, sharing personal feelings, showing concern, and supporting others are behaviors needed to be learned in order to develop lasting healthy relationships. Group therapy provides existential factors of learning that one has to take responsibility for one’s own life and the consequences of ones decisions.

Relapse Prevention

Relapse is fairly common in early recovery, especially when patients are faced with emotional upsets, difficult situations and lack a solid recovery support network. The Relapse Prevention Group uses Cognitive Behavioral principles to improve the client’s chances at long-term sobriety by teaching effective coping strategies and helping patients identify and avoid triggers when possible. The group also assists patients in learning how to manage their feelings when they have urges to return to substance abuse. Relapse prevention also continues after completing the residential program by attending the Alumni Aftercare Program.

Educational Group/Lecture

Educational Group exposes patients to an interactive lecture on topics relating to addiction and recovery such as: The Disease of Addiction, Spirituality, 12 Step Principles, Communication/Boundaries, and Recovery Coping Skills. The psychoeducational groups are designed to challenge ones thinking by providing new resources to live a productive life.

Family Group and Visitation

Lumiere Healing Center believes family involvement is crucial to a patient’s treatment outcomes. The family system has been impacted by the loved ones addiction which has caused an imbalance in communication, trust, respect, and positive relationships. The family therapist usually meets several members of the family at the same time. This has the advantage of making differences between the ways family members perceive mutual relations as well as interaction patterns in the session apparent both for the therapist and the family. These patterns frequently mirror habitual interaction patterns at home, even though the therapist is now incorporated into the family system. The patient and their family learn effectively communicate without placing blaming, enabling or sabotaging the patient’s recovery. We encourage the family to attend Alanon or Naranon to support their own need for emotional and peer support. Individual counseling with the patient and their family is available if requested and scheduled with the client’s primary counselor. Family Group can be attended on Wednesday evening or Sunday afternoon with visiting immediately following.

Social Activities

Lumiere Healing Center offers numerous social activities such as in-house and outside AA and NA meetings, basketball, meditation, movies, art therapy, cook outs and exercise classes. We believe in the holistic approach to treatment and that physical and social activities play a large part in the new recovery lifestyle. The back of the building overlooks ponds and a beautiful golf course allowing patients to have a relaxing and peaceful environment.

Lumiere strives to help patients learn to thrive and enjoy life without the use of chemicals.

Aftercare Program

The Aftercare Program consists of a weekly group meeting and bi-weekly individual session with a Licensed Counselor. Once the patient has completed the Aftercare Program their recovery growth is strengthened by participating in the Alumni Group. This gives the individual the opportunity to stay connected with Lumiere as well as help support and motivate patients who are still in treatment. Giving back and encouraging others has been proven to be beneficial to long term recovery and satisfaction for the recovering individual.