Ohio Substance Abuse

Facts About Ohio Substance Abuse

Ohio substance abuse continues to be an increasing problem. The area’s combination of low-income families, limited jobs, and a tough housing market have put a strain on many people. Drugs and alcohol addiction are at an alarming epidemic level in the state of Ohio, leading to the importance of drug treatment centers in Ohio.

Take a Look at the Statistics

It’s clear there is a significant concern about Ohio substance abuse. The Ohio Department of Health issued some information about 2016, for example. It found that the number of overdose deaths in the state rose from 3050 in 2015 to an incredible 4050 in 2016 – that means that 1000 more people died as a result of drug or alcohol overdoses in just a year’s time. In 58.2 percent of those deaths, fentanyl and related drugs at least contributed to the deaths. In 2015, the number of fentanyl deaths made up 37.9 percent and in 2014, 19.9 percent. It is clear to see this, in particular, is a key problem here. However, alcoholism, binge drinking, and other drug-related addictions are growing here as well.

A History of Focus on Sobriety

It may be important to shed some light on Ohio’s long belief in recovery programs. In fact, Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) was found here. It’s beginnings were in Akron, in Northeast Ohio and date back to 1935. Two men, who were self-proclaimed hopeless alcoholics, founded the program. By 1950, there were more than 100,000 people who were using AA across the world.

But, what happened? Though the state has a history of recovery in AA and many other programs, there are many areas of concern still present. Over the years, the number of treatment center beds has fallen and, even though the demand for care has never been higher, it is very clear that there is limited support available. There are many reasons for this including lack of funding from state governments and other sources. Financial support, as well as public opinion on alcohol and drug abuse, continue to limit the expansion of much-needed programs.

There is a large unmet need for Ohio substance abuse treatment and recovery care. Even today, the number of privately owned programs, these are for-profit programs and treatment centers, are just a handful. Why does this matter? In short, without them, the very best care available to individuals suffering with alcohol and drug abuse would be too few. These are the facilities that a person receives the best level of care in hands down. They offer the most innovative treatment programs and advanced levels of care. Because they are profit driven, they are also always aiming to improve success rates for those individuals who come into their facilities. As a result, this ensures that anyone who enrolls here is getting the very best level of care.

The Type of Treatment Center Matters, Too

Another key area of concern are the types of drug treatment centers in Ohio. As noted, there’s little availability of any treatment center, but some of the best forms are lacking significantly. Many people don’t know there are different types of facilities, and if they do, they do not recognize the differences in these programs. For example, there are PHP, IOP and OP levels of care.

  • Partial hospitalization program (PHP) is a common option known as day rehab. In it, the individual comes in for treatment during the day. He or she is able to go back home in the evenings.
  • Intensive outpatient treatment (IOP) is another option. Here, the individual can obtain treatment but is able to still associate with friends and family, participate in the community for education and work, and handle care during shorter, sometimes limited programs.
  • Outpatient drug treatment program (OP) allows people to maintain their activities and receive care for one or several hours a day.
  • Detox only facilities are common. These provide very little support to the individual in the long term and may not offer the same level of medical and mental supervision that some patients need during the detoxification process.

At Lumiere Healing Centers, we offer a full continuum of care. That means that you will come into our treatment center for detox and then gradually move from a residential program through an outpatient program as your ability to stay on the path of recovery continues. Every patient’s needs are very different, which means it is quite important for you to have access to the best level of care available to you at any given time.

Why Federally Funded Programs Are Limiting

Another key concern when choosing a program, which many people struggle with from day one, is the waiting list. There are numerous federally funded programs out there, some of them are in Ohio, however, these programs tend to be very hard to get into for the struggling addict. Many have a long wait-list that the individual has to manage. Waiting for care is rarely a good option for those who are struggling to make it through a day without using alcohol or drugs – or even to stay alive. And, of course, these federally funded programs offer limited amenities, very basic programs, and limited long term care. This proposes the least beneficial option for many people.

What Are the Options?

For recovery at drug treatment centers in Ohio, it is important for individuals and families to seek out the right type of facility for their specific need. Drug and alcohol treatment centers can provide the care that an individual needs, but for these programs to be successful, they must be readily available (without a waiting list), privately funded to ensure they offer the most innovated solutions available, and capable of providing a comprehensive level of care and long-term treatment from detox through long-term outpatient care. Without this level of support and care, an individual seeking treatment services in Ohio is likely to stumble before they can begin to walk the path to recovery.

What should you do right now?

If you are struggling with drug and alcohol abuse, take action. At Lumiere Healing Centers, our goal is to provide you with the care you need in a safe, innovative, and advanced facility. We offer state of the art facilities and the very best treatment programs to help you to thrive. Call us now to learn more about our drug treatment centers in Ohio abuse program and to gain a free, no-obligation consultation over the phone. Call us at 513-909-2225.