Our Team of Caring Professionals

Our facility is staffed by licensed doctors, nurses, and therapists who are ready to go to work for your better health. Each of our professionals are well-versed in our phased treatment approach that is unique to our facility and a powerful weapon to use in your recovery. We work with a nationwide network of referring professionals who understand the value we offer to their patients, and who we maintain contact with on a regular basis.

We feel it is important for you to know that you are not alone when you come to our facility. Along with our staff of caring and professional medical experts, we maintain contact with your referring physician throughout your addiction recovery. When you leave our facility, we maintain contact with you and your physician to assist with any relapse issues or answer any medical questions.

Our process starts with a comprehensive evaluation of your medical status, your lifestyle, and your psychological health. We believe that your complete addiction recovery takes more than just a few therapy sessions and some medication. We look to detox your entire body and give you the chance to enjoy your surroundings once again. We encourage a complete lifestyle change that not only helps in your immediate recovery but also prevents any chance of a relapse.

We Are with You the Entire Way

If there is one thing we want all of our patients and referring professionals to know about us it is that our multi-phase addiction recovery plan means that our professionals are involved in every step of our patient’s journey. From the first moment we welcome a patient with open arms to our follow-up calls intended to help prevent relapse, our professionals are dedicated to making sure that every patient completes their addiction recovery and gets back on the right path.

We are proud of our Alumni Aftercare Program that not only keeps us in touch with all of our past patients, but allows us to extend our caring hand out to those who may need it. We value all of our alumni, and we maintain an open channel of communication to each person who has ever spent time at our facility. Through our alumni program, we offer support meetings, gatherings, and a confidential support network that offers value to our entire program.

During treatment, we offer a relapse prevention group that gives each patient the resources and support they need to get past those early stages of recovery. Once the detox is over, the healing can begin. But we know that many recovering addicts relapse because they were never given the tools or support they needed to get through that very difficult time. Relapse prevention is an important part of our overall recovery program, and it is just one way that we show our dedication to the success of each patient.