Outpatient Rehab

If you want your rehabilitation from drugs and alcohol to succeed, you need to choose a program that works for you and suits your lifestyle. Outpatient rehab at Lumiere Healing Centers is the right fit for you if you’re struggling with substance abuse.

Our outpatient program allows you continue working or going to school while you recover from alcohol or drug addiction. Because you maintain normal activities, no-one has to know you’re in rehab. Individuals with young children or other family responsibilities can also benefit from an outpatient program that lets them stay at home during recovery.

In some cases, outpatient treatment services are used as a continuation of inpatient rehab. You continue to see the same counselors on an outpatient basis after checking out of the rehab facility or transition to a support group to help you maintain sobriety.

Outpatient Rehab at Lumiere Healing Centers

Our outpatient services include almost everything found in an inpatient rehab program, but you live at your own home during the entire process instead of a rehab center. Before you begin your outpatient program, you’ll get a personalized assessment from a trained rehabilitation counselor who can create a customized recovery plan just for you.

Individual counseling is the cornerstone of an outpatient treatment program. Meeting with a counselor one-on-one in an office setting is essential to long-term success. At the start of your outpatient program, counseling sessions may take place three or more times per week and last for a few hours. Over time, as you recover, your therapy appointments may shift to a once a week schedule.

Individual outpatient therapy helps you explore the roots of your addiction and addictive behaviors while teaching you skills and techniques to break-free from addiction. Cognitive-behavioral therapy helps you change your mindset so you can deal with addiction triggers and resist falling back into a pattern of substance abuse. Your counselor will assign tasks for you to complete between sessions, and you’ll be expected to bring back those completed assignments or report on your activities the next time you have an appointment. Because outpatient therapy offers no buffer between you and potential triggers in your environment, many of your sessions may deal with finding ways to avoid temptation and learning how to build a life filled with healthy activities to take the place of drug use.

Your outpatient program will also include group therapy with other people in various stages of recovery or participation in a local 12-step program. Sharing coping skills and communicating with peers who are going through similar things you are makes it easier to stay motivated. Guided group sessions can also help you work through the strong emotions associated with drug and alcohol addiction. Specific group session topics might include anxiety, dealing with anger or rage, working through denial, personal goals and dealing with substance abuse triggers. Programs that pair you with a recovery mentor, including most 12-step programs, give you accountability during the rehab process since you know that someone else is rooting for your success.

Family Counseling

Family counseling is another common component of outpatient drug and alcohol treatment programs. During family counseling, you and your loved ones meet with a trained counselor to work through the personal issues caused by your addiction and repair the relationships damaged by your drug or alcohol use. Family counseling can help build your support network at home, which can boost your chances of long-term recovery success and reduce the chances of a relapse.

Outpatient treatment services at Lumiere Healing Centers offer the chance to recover from drug or alcohol addiction without having to upend your entire life. Make the choice to move into a brighter, drug-free future by calling us at 855-598-3048 today. We’re available 24/7.